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Le Buffet des Continents

Where in the world would you like to eat? The Buffet des Continents invites you to discover its international dishes, textures, perfumes and flavours from cuisines all over the world. Taste Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America and satisfy your appetite at Le Buffet Des Continents!

Being a customer myself, I must say that Le Buffet Des Continents is a well decorated all you can eat restaurant located on at the corner of Maloney Blvd & de l'Hôpital Blvd in Gatineau.

I am very pleased to announce that Begin 2 Believe has formed a long-term partnership with Le Buffet Des Continents. At our fundraising events for the community, they will be providing free buffet certificates for our valued volunteers, staff, and participants! So far, for our first sponsored event on April 30, 2011, Le Buffet Des Continents has generously provided over $700 value of buffet certificates! Thank you!

I strongly encourage you when on an empty stomach to dine at Le Buffet Des Continents because you’ll leave a happy person!


David Nguyen
- A returning Le Buffet Des Continent customer(



Gadar Promotions

"Imprint your IDEAS!" is what Gadar Promotions encourages you to do! Gadar Promotions, along with Al Ripley, has shown me exceptional customer service with the high quality hockey jerseys they have helped designed and printed for my team. My team and I proudly wear our jerseys as satisfied customers.

I am very pleased to announce that we have formed Begin 2 Believe’s very first partnership with Gadar Promotions. They will be providing customizable t-shirts or tank tops, with your choice of colour, at our beach volleyball events!

I strongly encourage you to visit Gadar Promotions because “from start to finish, Gadar Promotions will work with you to see your IDEAS through the end.”


David Nguyen
- A proud Gadar Promotions customer (

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