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Begin 2 Believe is a not-for-profit organization that lives to build a stronger community. Our goal is to establish a positive environment where people can enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. We also aim to provide people with the opportunity to connect with each other and create memorable moments together. The objective of our valued volunteers, participants, and members is to commit to providing financial assistance to charities through various types of fundraising events, ranging from sports to other social events. Begin 2 Believe's vision is to build friendships and trust with local charities, volunteers and participants. We firmly believe in and encourage forming partnerships and bonds that will build a stronger and united community.

Since November 2010, Begin 2 Believe has organized over 22 sporting events including indoor and outdoor volleyball and dodgeball tournaments, and indoor basketball tournaments. To date, we have raised over $20,000 for local and international charities such as the Ottawa Hospital, the Military Families Fund, the Canadian Liver Association, World Vision, and the Ottawa Food Bank.

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