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Our president, David Nguyen first organized an event for charity when his manager told him of the great things that their charity had done and still continue to do. The Friends of The Ottawa Hospital over the years has donated several million of dollars in order to provide patients with up to date equipment and other necessities to enhance the patient's quality of life.

Other than working for the charity, Nguyen decided to take matters into his own hands to directly influence the life of the patients he served during his work. Nguyen organized a Dodgeball Tournament for The Friends of the Ottawa Hospital on April 5, 2008, where over 100 participants and 16 teams battled for the title of Dodgeball Champions. Many teams came to support and participate in the event, but Team Yakuza took the gold!

Shortly after, Nguyen realized the positive impact he could have on the community, inspiring him to continue his efforts. Working with a good friend Tim Chung, they created an organization called the Ottawa University Community and Health Organization. It held a successful Beach Volleyball and Dodgeball Event for Charity that raised funding for our local charities and World Vision: China Quake Fund.

The organization's name soon changed to Begin 2 Believe because Nguyen did not want to limit the participants solely to the University of Ottawa community. With a new name and new members recruited to the group, a second Beach Volleyball for Charity was organized with greater success, as a larger number of participants helped to raise more money than the first beach volleyball event.

David Nguyen and Begin 2 Believe have many planned events for the future and we hope to have your support to make our goals a success within your community!

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