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Begin 2 Believe is an organization that lives to build a stronger community. Our goal is to establish a positive environment where people can enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. We also aim to provide people with the opportunity to connect with each other and create memorable moments together. The objective of our valued volunteers, participants, and members is to commit to providing financial assistance to charities through various types of fundraising events, ranging from sports to other social events. Begin 2 Believe’s vision is to build friendships and trust with local charities, volunteers and participants. We firmly believe in and encourage forming partnerships and bonds that will build a stronger and united community.

The Code of Ethics is based on the mission and values of Begin 2 Believe.


Our mission is to promote an interest in volunteering, an active lifestyle, and giving back to society and our communities through fundraising events.


We aspire to:
  • Raise awareness amongst the youth of our community about the volunteer opportunities available.
  • Expand our events to help Ottawa move towards a better and prosperous future.
  • Display that age, race, or gender do not determine your potential or what you can bring to your community; it is heart and perseverance that determine it.

We encourage you to:
  • Begin to believe in yourself before you can make a difference.
  • Start now and help your local charities, so that the people in need do not forget that they have someone like you to believe in.

Our values are to demonstrate:
  • Leadership: a leader that works hard towards any social change or need
  • Friendship: embraces all walks of life
  • Teamwork: everyone can be a contributor
  • Respect and Professionalism: treat others with compassion and hold pride in our expertise
  • Excellence: be the best that you can be with no regrets

All volunteers and officers of Begin 2 Believe shall act at all times to preserve the trust in Begin 2 Believe. Everyone shall follow:

  1. Transparency in monitoring, evaluating and reporting our performance
  2. Compliance with criteria for charities to donate
  3. Continuous governance and oversight
Personal Conduct

The organization requires professionalism and respect for fellow members, volunteers and participants under all situations. As a result, a positive environment may be created to freely communicate collaboratively in an open and honest environment with internal and external stakeholders. Striving for excellence is a quality that is essential to the growth of the organization and thus, is a required trait to be displayed constantly. Confidentiality is mandatory in order to maintain our trust within our organization and stakeholders.

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